Devon Open Studios with Rhizome Artists’ Collective

A variety of my work on display at Studio 11, HQ Building in Plymouth for Devon Open Studios Sept 2021

It was a pleasure to show so much of my work with Rhizome Artists’ Collective this year, and to be part of the South Hams and the City Arts Trail which lead to so many new friends across the county. My cyanotypes were much admired, and displayed particularly well next to the sections of swimming pool cover on display from the art performance at Tinside Lido for Plymouth Art Weekender 2020.

Cyanotype on cotton with seaweed and net

I donated the ink drawing ‘The Stream’ to the Millfields Trust, and it is now on display in the stairwell at HQ.

‘The Stream’ (2.5 x 1.3m framed) ink and acrylic on paper

I sold many of the ceramics on display, including sea-inspired porcelain and stoneware

Porcelain paper-clay Sea-forms

I also had the space for an installation ‘Wrapped’ in a corner ‘pool’ in this old Jaeger factory, showing plastic bottles alongside black plastic forms, nets and this beach-scavenged lobster pot entrance. The organic forms of the twisted black plastic remind us of the uncanny nature of this material which pollutes so much of our precious world.

Photograph through the net showing the skeletons of barnacles and worm casts
Plastic bottles and containers litter the ‘pool’ – our legacy

The warning sign on the tap above the ‘pool’ containing the plastic bottles reminds us that so much of the water we drink, the food we eat and the air that we breathe now contain plastic particles.

Two small works referred to the COVID epidemic and our feelings for each other – can we touch and keep others safe?

Reaching Out – ink on watercolour paper

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