Fossils of the Anthropocene at Saltash Library

Medusa of the Anthropocene (plastic, withies)

Jellyfish are the most ancient multicellular organisms in the world. They are extraordinary, uncanny, with no brain, heart or lungs, absorbing oxygen through their membranes and responding to sensations in the water. Plastic bags can be mistaken for jellyfish by turtles and other creatures who eat them, causing serious digestive issues.

David Orton, Saltash Community Hub coordinator and TV producer, invited me to show my work in the iconic 1960’s Saltash Library, with its enormous glass frontage and mezzanine. With the help of his daughter Laura we hung much of the work in the airy space above the entrance lobby where the giant jellyfish wafted in the breeze. The exhibition is to coincide with Beach Clean Day on 18th Sept 2021, visiting community groups and school children who I hope will question their use of plastic in their lives.

Shoal (plastic, withies)

The exhibition in various iterations will be up for 6 weeks (from 16.9.21), so please try to get to Saltash Library, PL12 6DX if you are in the area. Check their website for opening hours which are currently reduced due to COVID.

The sweetie jars of beach combed plastic are out again, thanks to Rame Peninsular Beach Care

Dreamcatchers (beach finds, plastic, wooden hoops)

Some of my Dreamcatchers have taken on a more sinister air as I am referencing the demise of life in the oceans, including the decimation of fish stocks worldwide. These hanging in the windows and gently rotate in the breeze.

Archie, the Arcadian Redfish (stoneware, plastic)

Archie is one of millions of endangered species in our oceans and is good at mistaking plastic for food…

What Plastic? (mixed media)

What do we use plastic for?

What do you use everyday that is plastic?

Are there alternatives?

Can you re-use things or at least re-cycle?

Poly-mer is making an appearance, surrounded by fossils (re-purposed plastic packaging, fishing line + net)

I am thrilled with the way this installation has come together.

Thank you Saltash Community Hub for this opportunity to showcase some of my work.

Saltash Library questioning our relationship to plastic

See also my work on display for Devon Open Studios 2021 from 11-26th Sept, HQ Building, 236 Union Street, Plymouth, PL1 3HQ. See Devon Open Studios 2021 for details.

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