I am studying at Plymouth College of Art, having given up full-time employment with the NHS to follow a dream.

The natural world is my inspiration, particularly water in its many forms, the coastline and the sea. I am increasingly concerned about plastic pollution and its implications for our precious nature environment.


  • man’s relationship with the environment
  • shadows and reflections
  • energy and motion
  • rhythms
  • entropy
  • transience and ephemerality

My work is frequently experimental and process led, inspired by found objects, involving a wide variety of media including drawing, painting, print making and ceramics. I am keen to access a wider audience outside the gallery space and am toying with ideas for performance in a public arena.


‘The true eye of the earth is water. In our eyes it is water that dreams.’        Gaston Bachelard





4 thoughts on “About

  1. Interesting but it is hard to find all your work here
    please let me know when you have an exhibition at Plymouth
    & I will come & view it!

    • The site needs an update! I have been busy. Recent work looks at plastic pollution, reflecting more on the domestic situation and what individuals can do to reduce our consumption. Awareness is key. Watch this space, but also see Facebook: Plymouth Against Plastic

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