Beachcombing Finnygook Beach 27 May 2018

IMG_2839A cool misty start to a warm sunny day in Cornwall. The beach looked beautifully clean at first sight. This beach is regularly scoured by walkers and the weather has been good, so I was not surprised.

However in 2 hours I still found and picked up the following:

  • 44 tangled lumps of various plastic line
  • 10 pieces of green cord
  • 1 bungie cord
  • 14 pieces of beige cord including knots of fishing net
  • 14 pieces of thin colourless plastic compatible with cups or containers
  • 7 pieces of thin white plastic as above
  • 8 larger pieces of solid plastic
  • 1 piece of plastic fork
  • 1 piece of clear plastic bag
  • 10 cable ties including a very large one
  • 1 large broken straw
  • 1 piece electric cable
  • 2 irregular nodules of blue plastic
  • 5 pieces of plastic film
  • 6 pieces of black rubberised plastic
  • 2 white rubberise strips
  • 10 pieces of plasticised cloth
  • 1 strap with plastic clip
  • Pieces of long broken zip
  • Thick woven binding

Plus 45 various pieces of fabric, probably synthetic, including 1 large tapering funnel (green), a pair of large cream pants with something written on them, one child’s sock, a tattered football socks, and some very thick material probably a strip of carpet shedding fibres. All tattered with hundreds of holes.

Total:   185 pieces of plastic and synthetic fabrics, carpet, etc.

I washed and sorted it for use in various art projects. The items of clothing are particularly evocative. Who owned them and what happened for them to be in the sea?



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