Tate Exchange projects with Plymouth College of Art 2018

I was fortunate to be accepted to run my own workshops in Plymouth for the first two days of Tate Exchange 31st Jan + 1st Feb 2018 and then travel to Tate Modern, London on 2nd Feb to help run a printmaking workshop as part of the Print Club from Plymouth College of Art. It was an exciting and most rewarding experience, running drop-in sessions, not knowing who would turn up and with what background, ideas or experience.

My own project was to create ‘Self Portraits’ utilising a photocopier, collage and drawing. I exhibited the resulting portraits together with acrylic mirrors at an Open Exhibition at the Red House Creative School in Plymouth, as part of the Tate Exchange project. I gave a short talk referencing Andy Warhol and David Hockney amongst others.


My foot. Photocopy.

Some other examples:


self portrait_Megan Wright_palace court
Megan with some of her creations
IMG_0004 2
Sue drawing over her photocopies
The boards with a selection of students’ work from the first day

Preparations for the Print Workshop:

Screenprinting bags, postcards with instructions and inspiration, posters and aprons.
The Adana letterpress was sufficiently portable to take with us to allow visitors to print their own bookmarks. I did the typesetting using traditional lead type fixed with quoins in a chase.

Print workshop at Tate Modern:

The Friday team at Tate Modern for Tate Exchange  with the result of the collaborative printing on a wonderful, donated roll of Seawhite paper. Thank you Seawhite!
The public were invited to print their own screen prints and monoprints using stencils, drawing and textured fabrics. Water-based inks meant that they could be dry within an hour.
More Print Club work on display at the Red House, Plymouth

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