Fish eye lens

I have been drawing at the very informative National Marine Aquarium in Plymouth, and also helping children with art projects as a volunteer. I am intrigued by what the fish can see through the glass: who is watching who, and what are they thinking?

Inks on acetate (plastic)

This is Friday – a long-standing and very clever green-backed turtle:

Inks on acetate (plastic)
Sometimes the plastic repelled the ink and created blank areas on the film, but I found this added interest. Inks on acetate.

I tried different substrates, but most enjoyed drawing on fabric:

Orange, blue and black inks on cotton.

The pooling, mixing of colours on the fabric and ‘cauliflower’ patterns of migrating through the surface are exciting.

The biggest surprise was the pattern on the paper which was underneath the fabric:

Fragmented image of the fish eye on paper which had cockled and allowed to dry under the inky fabric.

The fragmentation is a reflecting of the fragility and fracturing of the ecosystems of our planet.



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