Porcelain and stoneware sea forms

So much of my work is inspired by the sea: its power, beauty, waves and tides, erosion, time and change. The fluidity of wet porcelain clay in particular lends itself to creating shell-like structures and wave forms.

It reminds me of the spume from the edge of a wind-swept wave or the foam as a wave thunders up the beach. I left these unglazed as I feel the pure white form speak for themselves.


I then made larger forms using white stoneware clay and added sand collected from the beach to create a textured surface.

IMG_0702 IMG_0748


With these three porcelain bowls I dipped or dribbled copper chun glaze on the outside only.


The curled forms were displayed on a bed of raked sand, as in a Japanese garden, reflecting the rhythms of the waves, patterns in nature and the passage of time. I titled this piece simply: ‘Wave’



Another collection of partially glazed forms I called The Nereides after the fifty Haliad nymphs or goddesses of the sea, that represented various aspects of the sea such as the waves and currents, foam, creatures and the shore. I especially like the curled and spiral forms. Some are embossed with net, shells or seaweeds. Some suggest a hiding place for sea creatures, or a shell.



This small bowl is porcelain paper clay, frayed at the rim and embossed with net. It is partially glazed. I like the contrast between the pure matt white unglazed porcelain and the smooth, shining glaze.


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