Teignmouth Recycled Art in the Landscape forms a trail of site-specific sculptural work along the seafront during August, questioning our relationship with the world, the oceans and wildlife. Many of the sculptures are collaborative works from schools and community groups. The inspirational Sam Lock has done much to organise the hanging and ensure that the work is secure. Unfortunately one particular sculpture, made by a group of children with special needs, has been vandalised and had to be removed. I feel so sad for those who put so much effort into its production and who were so proud of it.

I have been fortunate to be allocated the wonderful foyer at Teignmouth Pavilions with full length windows so that the work can be viewed from the street as well as inspected at close quarters inside. There is a cinema, cafe, and a restaurant in the building so plenty of footfall.

The Insatiables flanked by some of the Fossils of the Anthropocene

The Insatiables are on the march again, demanding attention to the plastic packaging issue, surrounded by Fossils of the Anthropocene, made from plastic milk bottles. Four 2m long mixed media paintings on cellophane form a backdrop, using fluorescent yellow to symbolise the toxic pollution in our oceans.

Unnatural Tides (inks, acrylics, fishing line, cellophane)

Teignmouth is a lovely seaside town to visit – don’t miss the old part of town on the estuary with its fishing quay, docks and sandy beaches where you can sit and watch the sun go down with a cool drink and your toes in the sand…

Teignmouth estuary glowing in the setting sun

The exhibition at the Pavilions, Teignmouth, Devon, is on until 24th August 2022. I hope that you can see it!

3 thoughts on “T.R.A.I.L.

  1. Nuala Taylor says:

    This looks great! The Insatiables, in particular, create a real impact. A timely and much needed way to raise awareness about plastic pollution.

    1. Judy Harington says:

      Thanks Nuala!
      It is lovely to get positive feedback on my work, and to feel that my efforts are making an impact. I feel that art has a major contribution to play in opening hearts and minds to the environmental issues we face. Together we can make a difference.

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