Sea Ceramics

Lunchtime at Coombe Farm Studios

A recent retreat and ceramics course at Coombe Farm Studios in Devon with the inspirational Laurel Keeley has kick-started my passion for working in porcelain and porcelain slips. I managed to throw a few porcelain pieces, some of which I distorted or carved to become more relevant forms, and other pieces were hand built to reflect the form and texture of shells or coral.

Throwing in progress…
Newly throw porcelain bowls drying in the sun
Inspired by shells…

So vulnerable…

Using combinations of clays, embossing, slips and scraffito we created diverse work reflecting our personal ambitions.

Oxides applied and glaze fired with a matt glaze to enhance the decoration

Much of this work will be shown at Devon Open Studios with Rhizome Artists’ Collective in Plymouth 11-26 September, open Thu-Sun 10-5pm. Come and see the show!

#devonopenstudios2021 #southhamsandthecity #rhizomeartists #coombefarmstudios

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