‘Fractured Water’

My practice revolves around environmental issues and plastic pollution, so when my collaborative partner for the Impact 10 conference told me that she was sending me a gift of a traditional terracotta water carrier I was very excited. It would contrast  beautifully with the plastic bottles that had been the focus of previous work. I could juxtapose the traditional, re-usable, biodegradable container of our ancestors with its modern, convenient, toxic counterpart.

Taku-hon of squashed plastic bottle

However the pot arrived in multiple pieces. I was disappointed, then contemplated the possible implications of the symbolism: broken water supplies, damming of rivers for power, industry and irrigation, global warming, pollution, etc. Also the idea of broken relationships across nations, cultures, religions, in families, with wars and economic migration. The fractured pot took on a whole new meaning. I wanted to repair it but not in a perfect way: it had to show the scars of the repair.

…wrapped in Japanese paper
…each piece inked with a tampo then unwrapped.
3D Taku-hon

I then repaired the pot as best I could with a hot glue gun as I did not want the repair to be permanent and wrapped paper around it to create a further print. I prefer the prints of the pieces.


Unfortunately Gemma could not make it to Impact 10 due to work commitments, however I hope that we will meet in the future. Muchas gracias Gemma!

I have since exhibited the pieces in Santander at the Potlach meal we hosted as part of the Impact 10 conference (Sept 2018) and in Plymouth College of Art as part of ‘Encounters Elsewhere’ exhibition 6-15th Oct 2018.  At the last show I hung the pieces down the wall on red thread.


At the top of the boards the takuhon print of the repaired pot is balanced precariously.

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