Plastic Waste Sculpture

I am excited to be producing a giant plastic waste sculpture for Plymouth City Council in collaboration with the inspirational Kate Crawfurd, marine biologist, artist and Director of Precious Plastics Plymouth. We are engaging with local communities, schools, businesses and households to collect selected plastic waste, to create art work for the walls and reflect on their relationship with plastic. What does plastic mean to you?

We found a venue for the project through a local ‘Meanwhile Use’ scheme and look forward to transforming it for our purposes in the New Year, COVID allowing!

Our vision is for a giant spiral maze that visitors will walk into, where they will be surrounded by plastic waste. The spiral is an ancient symbol of life, of renewal, of hope, and seems most appropriate when contemplating a man-made material (from fossil fuels) that is causing so many problems for the environment. There is hope for behavioural and technological solutions.

If you live or work in Plymouth and would like to be involved with collecting plastic, workshops or the build, or can contribute resources, please email me:

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