‘All At Sea’

An evolving installation and drawing performance with Rhizome Artists Collective for Plymouth Art Weekender 25 – 27th Sept 2020.

Plymouth Art Weekender is going ahead despite the current pandemic as considerable precautions are being taken and all the venues are deemed COVID secure. We are fortunate to have been given permission to use the west terrace at the iconic Tinside Lido on the waterfront of the Hoe, so benefit from the backdrop of Plymouth Sound. Visitors will be able to view our activities from the wide promenades above the terrace, between 11am and 5pm each day.

Reflecting on plastic pollution and climate change, the installation will include giant plastic ammonites: fossils of the modern era, in which man has left his mark forever in the earth’s crust as plastic and radioactive elements.

The drawing performance develops over the three days from a yin yang form, representing balance and harmony in everything in the natural world. But humans have unbalanced our precious ecosystem and we will be exploring in abstract ways the ebb and flow of competing elements in the environment.

There will also be a chance to feedback your thoughts about how you can reduce your carbon footprint, your personal contribution to climate change, via our online Carbon Footprint Challenge, by visiting the Rhizome Artists Collective page: https://www.facebook.com/rhizomeartistscollective/

Resurgam Mayflower A Sea Change Series – Plastic Passion: Connecting Through the Senses

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