Tate Exchange 2019: Propositions for Change

I have had the privilege to show my work at Tate Modern alongside other artists in an exhibition entitled ‘Beyond Raising Awareness’, curated by activist artist Paula Meninato, as part of Tate Exchange instigated by Plymouth College of Art.

Screenshot 2019-03-21 at 21.37.25.png

It was an incredible day featuring inspirational talks and a panel discussion.

Paula Meninato (second from right) with her invited speakers

Unfortunately there was no possibility of hanging any work on the walls or floor so I had to make do showing sculptural work. The one framed piece that I attempted to stick on the panel with glue dots fell to the ground!

‘Fossils of the Anthropocene’ by Judy Harington, Tate Exchange 2019


The twisted black plastic mesh reminds me of the fish skeletons that I have collected in the past. They evoke the fragility of life, our pain and our limited time on this earth…

The forms on the plinths need to be touched, to feel the hard, sliminess of the plastic, and appreciate the organic nature of the forms. They are uncanny, surreal…

Exhibiting in an adjacent area was my friend Caroline Wilkins (MA student) who had buckets of coins on weighing scales labelled with various government departments including ‘Health’, ‘Environment’ and ‘Arts’. The idea was to take money from one bucket and add to the one that you considered most deserving. It stimulated considerable debate!

Where would you place the funding?


Although the environment may seem relatively unimportant, if we don’t fund renewable energy and invest in alternative technologies to combat climate change we won’t need to be concerned about the other issues, as humanity and animals are unlikely to occupy the planet!



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